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Gang of Asian Girls Beat Strip And Humiliate An Innocent

You go to school dressed up as a Pokemon one time and it haunts you for the rest of your fucking life.

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User Comments (22)

Human13 @ 07/02/13 11:11AM
Its so blurry
Cj @ 06/25/09 08:20AM
This isn't japanese, and i hope this is fake, cause if it's real, that just wrong.
Big.Slick @ 10/07/08 08:02PM
No wonder some kids get crazy then brings guns to school and start poping!!! Pop pop...
Ching-Chong China @ 07/14/08 07:44PM
Go eat dog now. Chop chop yellow man.
naten @ 07/14/08 09:57AM
would be even better with a paper bag over her head so she doesn't look asain
Xing chao @ 07/14/08 07:08AM
You are all retarded Americans. They are not Japanese, they are Chinese...I think from Taiwan with the kind of accent they are using. As far as the girl getting shit for having big tits, who knows. We only see one side of it...and that side is the gir
lord of the rings @ 07/14/08 06:58AM
shit. if i was there, i would fuck both of them. that's how horny i am.
Bluuurg @ 07/14/08 06:02AM
Man those are some fucking sweet titties, fuck that other dumb bitch, who the fuck would want small ass tits anyway?!
´¿Ë´¿Ë´ @ 07/13/08 10:57PM
wtf @ 07/13/08 09:34PM
the hell is wrong with the cameraman.. dude would rather shoot pics f the fucking floor than those tits.. zipperhead camera men suck balls!!!!!!!!!
Bullshit @ 07/13/08 08:29PM
Just some weird-ass Ching-Chong porn. Those fucks are into some strange shit. Probably should drop some more big boom on them to thin the herd again.
doink @ 07/13/08 01:47PM
They're speaking in something similar to mandarin
terror2 @ 07/13/08 12:10PM
lol they arent japanese man lol. u think she was getting jumped in with that look? and judging from the first comment? lol the first comment tells a lot
TeRRoR @ 07/13/08 12:08PM
You people are dumb. In Japan, girls take just as active roles in gangs as men do. She was probably getting jumped in.
Fake? @ 07/13/08 11:46AM
Then again I dont think they are
Fake? @ 07/13/08 11:46AM
Japanese are into some crazy fetish shit, this could be fake. I mean hell, bukkake, cumming on chicks in public, nude power rangers....hmmmm
sicko @ 07/13/08 07:33AM
i cant believe no one helped!!! if they had helped she would have been stripped a lot quicker and easier ;-) sicko
DAVE CHAPPELLE @ 07/13/08 01:21AM
Jenko @ 07/13/08 01:12AM
@ xing chao @ 07/13/08 12:52AM
why hit someone that is not hitting back? grow some balls and some sense of morals mother fuckers
@ xing chao @ 07/13/08 12:51AM
are u seriously going to beat a girl for having bigger tits? especially the guys standing there and watching, fucking pussy shit man, just like their fathers and their generations after
Xing chao sing lao me na mah @ 07/13/08 12:27AM