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Modern Warfare 2 Sends Crybaby Over The Edge

Epic video game temper tantrums just aren't the same to me without an anal violation by random household objects. I guess I'm spoiled. Nice way to shatter every bone in your hand though, kudos!

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User Comments (43)

Hey Britain @ 03/17/10 05:12AM
Every time I read a "stupid American" post on any site ever.... I'm going to be thinking of this.
dfasd @ 11/25/09 07:59PM
is he mentally retarded?
Steve @ 11/22/09 07:09AM
Look! It's Rupert Grint's retarded cousin!
cuntflaps @ 11/20/09 01:34AM
where is cuntflaps?
ZZt @ 11/18/09 11:37PM
Crybaby does not represent the whole of britain asshole their could be american just like him. LOL
LOL @ 11/18/09 09:10AM
Brittish faggots can never say "stupid american" EVER AGAIN after this is a tribute to your culture you crumpet eating mongoloids.
me @ 11/18/09 01:37AM
get a grip @ 11/17/09 04:26PM
17hours your single aint you, could have took your helmet off first tho. man ive seen people stabbed but your bad ass you got milk all over your mouth lol who dressed you your fucking nan
kki @ 11/17/09 02:25PM
Typical English sheep-shagging inbred retart with his caveman accent.
this guy @ 11/16/09 02:33PM
... needs to get a life.
lol @ 11/16/09 02:18PM
what kind of retard records themselves doing something like this? Mind boggling. xbox is for poor ppl.
umm @ 11/16/09 12:52PM
LOLOLOL wait...lemme guess, you brit retards are gunna say "stupid american" right?
me @ 11/16/09 12:32PM
his mum @ 11/16/09 02:23AM
fucking little retard. Knew I shouldn't have got my 15 year old son him that 18 rated game. Oh well, another year and this embarrasment of a child will go emo and top himself
anton @ 11/15/09 11:11PM
PS3 is Shit @ 11/15/09 09:39PM
I was wondering why he was crying over a decent game, but i realised why when he showed he had a PS3 version of it. He should of tried smashing up his PS3 and get a 360
fucking sped @ 11/15/09 09:25PM
dude your a fucking stemlicker go get fucked virgin fuck. do us a favor and get laid.!!!!
uhm your an idiot @ 11/15/09 07:57PM
adidasfire332 your an idiot, your talking about your fagbox he obviously held up a ps3 version of the game, take your fagbox and keep pretending that you have the best system
Geo @ 11/15/09 06:54PM
Are you fucking serious
lol wtf... @ 11/15/09 06:37PM
white boy with cum in his mouth, mental issues, hmm, how long before he shoots everyone at school? hmmmm
wtf @ 11/15/09 06:22PM
talk about mental issues.....
. @ 11/15/09 06:16PM
very, very funny but can't anyone see it's acting? no, you can't because you're all 13.
lol @ 11/15/09 04:39PM
wish i had a ps3 so i could own him on it lol
random @ 11/15/09 03:12PM
I play it xbox360...adidasfire332... win/loss 3.76, k/d..1.56... he's getting owned by me... keep crying kid.. i don't care..
janosfia @ 11/15/09 02:49PM
what a loser
Sgt. Hartman @ 11/15/09 01:10PM
someone cut his fucking balls off
WTF @ 11/15/09 12:08PM
I hope this stupid little fucktard doesn't breed.
Dave @ 11/15/09 11:58AM
Is this the same dude that plays that gay army brit in 28 days later? The chef from the compound?
hugs @ 11/15/09 11:20AM
i take it they shot him lol
yikes @ 11/15/09 10:55AM
you're a god damn mess
life's too rough @ 11/15/09 10:18AM
He's not gonna make it.
Tim. @ 11/15/09 09:38AM
Its because he has a ps3. not the superior xbox 360. And the game is amazing...
hahaha @ 11/15/09 09:10AM
Sgt Slaughter! YES!
Sgt Slaughter @ 11/15/09 08:12AM
This fag needs to get laid. It's obvious he has never gotten his pickle wet.
what @ 11/15/09 08:08AM
damn so this is what happens to guys that play first person shooters against me !!!!!hell i probably killed this guy 30 times in one game !!!
darwin @ 11/15/09 07:31AM
Other the "fuckin" I understood about 5 words. Anybody ?
ian b @ 11/15/09 06:42AM
i am so tired of these fuckin idiots that gocrazyover a myspace deleted or world of war craft. its funy how they can be on a computer for that long and think their game is the end of te world...somebody should email them a pron site... now thats something
lulz @ 11/15/09 04:03AM
I'd be angry too if I had a ps3
drak @ 11/15/09 02:28AM
my fucking god this is funny, what an idiot, punches the wall over a game
lol @ 11/15/09 01:33AM
he looks fugly and the 17 hrs didnt help his appearance
foo @ 11/15/09 01:25AM
wow, all those punches and he couldn't punch through the wall, he should try only playing 15 hours and using a couple hours to workout.
lalwlawlawla @ 11/15/09 12:28AM
Story mode takes 4-6 hours tops. wtf?
Balls @ 11/15/09 12:06AM
If it was so bad why'd he play it for seventeen hours straight? That amount of entertainment is pretty good return for your money in my book. He's probably pissed Koreans already have the best screen names.